Welcome to NetWeaving - Pay It Forward Week

A significant number of Business Executives, Owners, Professionals, Coaches, Consultants and Advisors, as well as Community Leaders, who have already experienced the power of a concept known as “NetWeaving”, have joined forces to celebrate the 5th Annual "NetWeaving - Pay It Forward Week" in Atlanta and now expanded to all of Georgia  – April 25-29, and especially Thursday, April 28 which is now being celebrated around the world as "International Pay It Forward Day".  On that day, everyone is asked to perform some 'Random Act of Kindness' for someone else, and then ask them to 'pay it forward' and do the same for someone else.

The GOAL that week is to FILL UP restaurants. . .business clubs. . .and eateries or bars. . .with NetWeaving 'hosting meetings' where someone bring two people together for a breakfast, lunch or after-hours beverage. . The goal is to create an economic ripple effect not only for Georgia restaurants and eating and drinking establishments, but also by all the new business and personal relationships created that week. 

Set up NetWeaving Hosting Meetings that week

The key action step of NetWeaving involves ’hosting’ meetings.  The NetWeaver host sets up and introduces two people whom the NetWeaver believes would benefit knowing each other, with their needs and interests in mind.  Then instead of looking for the favor to be returned, the NetWeaver host asks each of them to simply  ‘pay it forward’ and agree to  host a subsequent meeting to introduce two others.

As we have also done, we are encouraging NetWeaving "CLUSTER" groups.  Why don't you ask two or three other friends who all buy into the NetWeaving - Pay It Forward concept, to EACH agree to host one or more meetings that week at the same time and at the same location,  Our hope is that within these 'clusters', individuals will meet all those within the entire group' and find someone for whom they could 'pay it forward' by setting up a subsequent "NetWeaving Hosting" meeting right there and then.

Imagine the POWER of the new business and personal connections which will be made that week and beyond. . .the ENERGY created in the restaurants, bars, business clubs, and hotels where many of these NetWeaving Hosting meetings will be held. . . as well as the COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT inspired by these sessions which will result in new business connections, relationships, and referrals.

All Monies Raised Divided Between Junior Achievement and the Pay It Forward Foundation

As usual, 100% of sponsor monies and any other funds raised this year will be equally divided between Junior Achievement and the Pay It Forward Foundation - both 501(c)(3) organizations.

Junior Achievement Junior Achievement is the only organization focused on economic, education and workforce development. Junior Achievement strives to impact tomorrow’s business and community leaders by bridging the gap between the business and education communities, encouraging Georgia’s youth to set long term career goals and showing them the value of education. Their turn-key curriculum aligns to the Georgia Performance Standards, enhancing what students are learning in the classroom with real world examples and hands-on application of knowledge. 

The Pay It Forward Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to spreading the 'pay it forward' message to inspire 'random acts of kindness' and especially acts whose impact will have an ever-expanding 'ripple effect'.  The Foundation almost encourages children as well as adults to come up with projects fulfill the 'pay it forward' theme.





"The Heart and Art of NetWeaving" – explains the "win- win-win-win" nature of NetWeaving and how spreading the word elevates the image and prestige of the person doing so and how it energizes the NetWeaver as well as the company or organization to which the NetWeaver introduces the concept.

If you download the PDF of the book and find it to be of value - either from a business or personal standpoint - or both - we only ask that you donate a MINIMUM of $10.00 to your favorite charity, or to the Pay It Forward Foundation at www.payitforwardfoundation.org .

We would also appreciate it if you would let us know the charity and amount you have donated (your name is not needed) just so we can keep score of the amount of money the book is able to raise.


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